Endure 24

For the past 3 years the Flyers have attended the Glastonbury for runners.

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June 9th-10th 2018, Wasing Park

We have a record number of attendees. We're running 3 teams, each with 8 runners. The teams are still to be decided. It's likely to consist of one 'competitive' team of 8 and two 'fun' teams.

The Runners:
  • Adrian Keane-Munday
  • Alan Bush
  • Alasdair Nuttall
  • Alex Halfacre
  • Andy Poulter
  • Anthony Madden
  • Charmaine Long
  • Chris Peddle
  • Chris Tomlinson
  • Darren Stone
  • David Peddle
  • Duncan Ball
  • Ellie Elder
  • Emma Malcolm
  • James Ball
  • Jim Laidlaw
  • Jodie Raynsford
  • Martin Gay
  • Oli Peddle
  • Paul Williams
  • Rich Howden
  • Susan Rodrigues
  • Tom Churchill
  • Zoe Stone

Closer to the time, we'll have a 'high level' meeting down the pub to help organise roles and responsibilites!